For those who have been following our adventures for a while, you will know that we love to support Australian owned companies wherever we can.

Jimmy from GRABmeGEAR is no different. We have known Jimmy for a long time now and love working with him.

Check out his website by clicking here

Below is a list of what gear we have, to give you a small idea of some of the products that we love.

DSS 1 - Drawer Storage System - Bits and bobs in my cruiser, small pockets for egglets, medical supplies and cutlery.

Gear Mate 18 - Storage Pod Large - Perfect for our tinny trips

Gear Mate 21 - Storage Pod - I use mine as a tough tacklebox

Gear Mate 23 - Dash pocket organiser

Gear Mate 24 - Flat velcro zip organiser

Gear Mate 32 - Compressor Bag - No other words, THE BEST COMPRESSOR BAG OUT THERE

Camp Cook Knife Set 5 Piece - The second love of my life this guys know i love my camp cooking.

Fishing Knife Kit - Ripper set of knives, still stay relatively brand new with my fishing skills.