Why did I start a Patreon page?

Well the reason why I decided to start a Patreon page is simple, I want to become bigger and better and what I do, while maintaining the same genuine and fun structure of WA Camping Adventures as it is known for now.

Patreon might allow me to travel further not only in Western Australia but interstate as well. I am are not in any way a large crew, and do all filming, editing and social media myself. I really like it this way as I have FULL CONTROL over what I release, without being owned.

Patreon was the best way I could think of as it will give you, the patron, some input as to where this channel will steer, along with access to Patreon-only content and perks.

No matter what, my youtube content will always remain free. However, if you do believe in what I am creating and wish to support me in some way, it really will go a long way in helping me to achieve my goals and pump out more quality content.

WACA Goals:

- to travel further and bring you along on more remote, iconic and interstate destinations

- expand my content (both quality and quantity)

- to help bring other unique ideas to life on my channel

Regardless of whether you choose to support me or not, I would like to thank you for your continued support of WA Camping Adventures.

Cheers Guys!